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Vessel Management » vessel management
Vessel Management » vessel management

Protect what’s precious to you with quality marine maintenance

Imagine the sun shining brightly above your head as you step onto the dock. The water is clear as glass, with gentle winds blowing ripples on the surface. As you step aboard with friends, everything seems perfect for a day on the harbour. But then you try to start up the engine and something’s not right.

Your boat is a collection of precision-engineered systems fighting constantly against an environment that isn’t meant for machinery. And because luxury boating is exclusive world, expert marine tradespeople are a small group too
It’s not uncommon to wait days before the right person can even look at your boat, let alone work on it.

Luxury Boat Detailing offers comprehensive vessel management services. By anticipating problems, our maintenance schedule reduces the chances that any day on the harbour will be scuppered by mechanical failure. But if it does happen, we have the experience and the relationships to have your boat back on the water faster.

Knowing the right people

When it comes to boat detailing and vessel management, it’s all about whom you know. Luxury Boat Detailing has one of the most extensive networks in the field, with the names of top engineers, shipwrights and mechanics on our books. These are relationships we have nurtured over the years based on respect, trust and mutual best interest.

As our client, this means the best in Sydney are only a phone call away — you call us and we’ll take care of the rest. With hundreds of vessels under management, we’re a great client to have. For you, our close partnerships with people in the trade means top-tier services with competitive rates and speedy turnaround times.

Vessel Management » vessel management
Vessel Management » vessel management
Vessel Management » vessel management

Set sail in style with a captain and crew

Owning a boat is your ticket to days of sun-soaked leisure aboard your boat, drink in hand, surrounded by friends and family. As the good times roll on, it’s wonderful to know that someone else is doing the driving and handling anchor watch.

We have a full roster of experienced skipper to take the wheel, taking care of the driving while you host the day. Because of the depth of our roster, there’s a good chance we can provide a skipper at short notice. Just one of the benefits of having us on speed-dial.

Don’t let the little things go unnoticed

Investing in regular maintenance can save you from the deluge of technical issues that could arise later down the line. Get started on preserving the health of your boat by giving us a call today.
Vessel Management » vessel management